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Museums Lighting Design

Lighting design for public places and museums requires a diverse skill set that only a professional lighting designer can provide: conformity to security norms, background in art history, ability to match lighting ambiance with the architecture of the museum, understanding the artistic choices made by the conservator, and respecting the preferences of diverse stakeholders.

A savoir-faire incorporating many disciplines

Paintings, sculptures, windows, stands, halls: lighting design for public places like museums requires a professional attitude with the goal to make illuminations that are not only creative but also able to:

  • Respect the exhibited art pieces
  • Respect the exhibition space
  • Conform to electric and fire safety norms
  • Light, in a homogenous way, both art pieces and public spaces
  • Produce lighting solutions that do not disturb the visitor
  • Introduce original lighting scenographies in partnership with the conservator or the exhibition commissioner

Light: an essential link in the value chain

We believe that art pieces and public places require a full partnership between the exhibition and museum managers because they must:

  • Achieve the artistic ambitions of the exhibition
  • Respect and enhance the public space
  • Succeed in becoming an integral part of the creative experience

Our lighting design company is used to working with specialists, both in technical and artistic ways.
Calling upon the skills of Laurent Lumières guarantees public and private institutions a job well done that integrates the needs of all stakeholders and respects the creative process.

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