Art Galleries Lighting Design

Lighting design for art galleries constitutes the core business of Laurent Lumières. Indeed, working with prestigious Parisian art dealers has allowed Cyril Laurent to improve his design skills and to master light.

Respect art pieces but also your image

Like designing the lighting of a painting or a professional exhibition stand, working for an art gallery cannot be left to chance: the purpose of lighting is to highlight art pieces to attract the attention of buyers yet also needs to create the right ambiance for high-value customers.
We decided to focus on LED lights instead of fluorescent or incandescent bulbs because LED lights has several advantages:

  • Enhance artwork with directional light beams
  • Not harm paintings and fragile pieces: indeed, LED lights never get hot
  • Reduce maintenance costs: LED lights last 20 times longer than classic bulbs
  • Reduce environmental impact: LED lights consume 75% less electricity than classic bulbs

Beyond technical skills, the person in charge of the lighting installation at the art gallery must possess the necessary artistic sense and knowledge in art history that will allow him to grasp the uniqueness of every art piece and to create a lighting solution that will fit the art movement the piece belongs to.

Choosing Laurent Lumières’ services for your custom lighting installation guarantees:

  • 10-year expertise in lighting design beside well-known art gallerists
  • Professional job completed with care and in a timely manner
  • Sharp artistic sense
  • Strong background in art history, allowing us to understand every art piece in its context