Shop Window & Store Front Lighting Design

Don’t be mistaken: shops do keep and will keep selling most of their products thanks to the catchment area – meaning people living around the shop or passing by. The store front is the first thing people see in a shop so don’t let the first impression made to a potential customer be a bad one and distribute yourself the best cards by calling for a professional lighting design of your shop window.

Give people the will to enter your shop

The window of your shop is a critical angle of your business because in it lie various and strategic missions. The shop window must :

  • Be an eye-catcher
  • Present your products in the most attractive way
  • Give the passer by the will to buy
  • Make the passer by enter your shop

A shop window has the power to get people take action right away, inviting them to open the door and come in. The storefront is an asset, use it!

How will professional lighting make a difference?

A successful and efficient shop window requires several questions:

  • Is my shop window lit at night?
  • Does my shop window include anti-reflective glass?
  • Does my shop window remarkable regarding others in the neighborhood?
  • What is my actual budget for lighting my shop window?

To call upon the skills of Laurent Lumières for the lighting design of your store front guarantees a carefully handed job and the benefit from the latests LED lighting technology that will:

  • Enhance your products in a discreet manner
  • Strongly reduce your energy bills thanks to LED lamps, which consume 20 times less electrici power than classical light bulbs
  • Give you the chance to let your store front lit all night long
  • Attract customers and grow your sales

We will also provide you the best advice regarding the optimization of your shop (glass issues, rooming, lighting etc).