LED Lighting Design

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode”. First used as an indicator light for electric devices, it is now revolutionizing traditional lighting methods thanks to its extraordinary features.

LED Lighting now attracts more and more people

Especially art collectors because it gathers many advantages :

  • Safety : LED lights don’t get warm and will not harm your furniture and paintings
  • Energy savings : LED lights consume very little energy compared to classic and halogen light bulbs
  • Health : LED lights, unlike fluorescent lamps, don’t emit mid or low frequency radiations
  • Longevity : lifespan of LED Lights is very long. Up to 60000 lighting hours against only 3000 hours for an halogen light – 20 times longer !
  • Convenience : LED lights are discreet and can be placed everywhere
Mini spot LED

Because of these amazing properties, our company choose to favour the use of LED technology instead of traditional lighting solutions.
The expertise of the company Laurent Lumières garantees a custom installation that will fit the ambience of your house or shop. May it be for an indoor or and outdoor lighting, the use of the latest LED technologies are