Paintings Lighting Design

Laurent Lumières has built its reputation in lighting design with painting collectors and prestigious European art galleries like the Hopkins Custot Gallery in Paris. Your paintings and masterpieces are inestimable: they must not get damaged by poorly conceived lighting or by inappropriate lamps. This is the reason why using a lighting design professional is vital.

Lighting paintings, sculptures and more generally museums is a job that has to comply with a strict work ethic and with irreproachable standards:

  • Furniture and sculptures are protected from damage thanks to the quality of our installations and the use of the low temperature LED technology whose luminosity guarantees the preservation of the paintings
  • Background in art: Laurent Lumières acquired a strong experience in lighting design for artwork through art collectors and art galleries
  • Discretion of the material used in the lighting design process: we understand that invisible lighting solutions showcase the paintings in an optimal manner
  • Lighting the artwork must take into account the context of the piece and its specific lightening qualities

To call upon the skills of Laurent Lumières to light up your paintings, sculptures, furniture and other art pieces is to ensure professional and carefully managed work, with the latest LED technologies, displaying your paintings in the safest possible way.