Monuments Lighting Design

Lighting design for Churches, Castles or public buildings is a very specific job. Indeed it must mix professional expertise and artistic sense together. The Company Laurent Lumières had the chance to design the lightings of great historic places like Notre Dame de Liesse, a project financed by the patronage of the Sovereign Order of Malta.

A necessary complete control:

Lighting religious monuments and public buildings requires a complete control in all the aspects of the job:

  • The electrical safety, especially for outdoor installations
  • The ability to handle all kinds of lighting solutions
  • A sharp artistic sense

A mandatory artistic sense:

A successful monument lighting design depends on both the technical skills of the enlightener and the artistic aptitudes of the light designer to enhance the beauty of the architecture.

The long experience of Laurent Lumières on many large scale projects allows it to create custom lighting designs, may it be indoor or outdoor.

To call upon the skills of Laurent Lumières to light up sculptures, monuments of public buildings is to ensure professional and carefully managed work, with the latest technologies, and in respect of safety standards.